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Hey everybody i’m once more right here to serve you the all new greatest whatsapp standing ever statuses hindi love punjabi marathi hindi angle humorous greatest whatsapp standing ever statuses message cute love high romantic unhappy comfortable in my article on Best Whatsapp Status a hundred and one Status for Whatsapp simply do one factor after getting this stuff share thesewith your pals and save them to your smartphone or laptop. All the whatsapp standing quotes are given right here for whatsapp customers and lovers who like to make use of whatsapp all through the day and evening.

1- Life is really nothing without love & care. Give it to everyone but don’t expect it back B’coz it’s ‘FEEL’ not a ‘DEAL’ ..

2- /’\/|\/’\|_________/\/’\/|\/’\

That’s my Heart beat, See that part in the middle, That’s what happened when I stopped thinking about you.

3- When silence between two people is comfortable u know you have found ‘LOVE’ ..

4- Let’s find some Beautiful Place to get lost

5- Who say’s love makes LIFE..Foolish ppl its just ruins

6- Every girl has that one Guy no matter how Sleep she is,she’ll pick Up the phone if he Call..

7- I Have Never Needed Someone More In My Life Than I Need You, You Are All I Have Ever Wanted, You Are The Girl I Dreamed About Having When I Was A Little Boy You Are In My Heart..

8- It’s not a crime to love a girl who loves someone else , bt it’s U who hve the guts to love that girl & U still Wana see that girl happy

9- The distance between us doesn’t matter, because in the end,I know we’ll both be happy in each others arms. Forever

10- I wont say love u again n again but i will just make u feel that i really do..

11- I wont say love u again n again but i will just make u feel that i really do..

12- My heart has reasons that reason does not understand

13- I wanna give a kiss on your Forehead Thats a kiss of respect

14- Sometimes My Words,Can’t Express My Feelings, But Honey My Eyes Express it, in better way..

15- Keep your girl happy and she’ll show you why you won’t need anything else.Best WhatsApp Status ever

16- Live Freely, Love Deeply, Laugh Truly.

17- If u taking me 4r granted dnt expect luv frm me..

18- Every Girl Has That One Selfie, Which She Loves Even More Than Her Boyfriend

19-Truly, Destiny’s Favourite Child

20- Anger on girl -> frustration Girl on anger ->Destruction

21- Stop my madness or my madness would over-power ur smartness..

22- It’s not that m ignoring u, it’s just that i can’t spend enough time with myself

23-Error 440:- stay away or u may get a shock

24- I don’t need a calculator to calculate the number of haters i have because of my awesomeness

25- Unconditional love should never have no conditionsBest WhatsApp Status in hindi

26- Happiness is an inescapable habit,not a pursuit.

27- Waiting for that girl, who will change my random status into a special status by her and for her

28- I tend to say “I don’t know” when I’m just too lazy to think.

Best WhatsApp Status in hindi29- Don’t Read my Status?, if you don’t have a Sense of Humor =)

30- I am no talented .. its just that I am innovative

31- Keep calm & take my number’ am available on whatsaapp

32- If my ‘Last seen’ at whatsapp is more den 24 hours ago.! Please report a missing complaint asap.!

33- Sometimes, I Wish I could hit the Mute Button on People..

34- Famous in social networking life but alone in personal life

35- I Wasn’t Born To Entertain People..Best Whatsapp Status On Attitude

36- I’m no lazy, just hv different ways to do things..

37- Happiness is going GOA for almost every Indian