Short Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp has become one of the largest chatting platforms globally. It was initially made to be used on Android mobile devices only but now it can be used in Symbian, Windows, Blackberry OS and IOS which led to increased popularity and users all over the world. Statistics shows that it processes over 30 billion messages every day.

1. I will be back in 2 minutes and if I’m not read this line again.

2. Natural stupidity is no match for artificial intelligence.

3. Do I have to exercise every morning to make my brain figure out I’m doing?

4. If you are immature, you will always be but you can only be young once.

5. I am doing what my enemies said I can’t do because it is my greatest pleasure.

6. I am smiling today because tomorrow might be worse.

7. It will be my greatest mistake to let a fool kiss me or a kiss fool me.

8. I’m a magician; close your eyes and see you can’t see.

9. I’m up ready to rock this gift of life that I have been granted by God.

10. I can’t find where my phone is. Call me now please!

11. Love is blind but your neighbours are not so avoid kissing behind the garden.

12. I learned the secret to my life when I started to replace my worries with others.

13. I like my boss only when he gives me a week vacation.

14. I never use both my feet to test how deep the water is. I call that being wise.

15. Whenever I speak my mind I never mind what I speak.

16. I’m selling inspiration; I found it yesterday in plenty

17. I’m never online, it’s an optical illusion.

18. I don’t know why whenever my door bell rings my dog always presumes it’s for me.

19. Until he was fourteen, my brother thought his name was Keep Quiet.

20. I was out yesterday and I prefer not to remember it.

21. Your opinion may have changed but the fact remains you are wrong.

22. They say success is around the corner but I guess I’m walking in circle.

23. I’m the hottest of you all because you know; I’m the core cause of global warming.

24. The only place you will find success without hard work is in the dictionary.

25. I think my neighbours now know that am stealing their Wi-Fi internet.

26. Did you know that a tax is a fine for doing well while a fine is a tax for doing wrong?

27. I think God loves stupid people since He created so many of them.

28. The worst standing is misunderstanding one another. Understand me?

29. So far so good. If can read this know that you are a witness of my dream to live forever.

30. They say money talks but all I hear from the little I have is, “Good bye”.

31. I didn’t fail, my success just postponed.

32. It might be illegal tomorrow so today is the time.

33. Piss me off and I give you a high-five on the face.

34. Please don’t be corrupt because the government hates competition.

35. Always keep in mind that only one who can really appreciate you is you.

36. She was beautiful until her Photoshop 30 day trial expired.

37. My flow is sick but it doesn’t need a doctor.

38. Don’t call me fat, it’s just that when am far am easier to notice.

39. Never make the same mistake twice, 2 is a small number.

40. They say drinking alcohol will kill slowly but who is in a hurry anyway.

41. I never realized how many clothes I had until now that I’m washing them.

42. Who is a waiter when you are waiting for a waiter in a restaurant?

43. You don’t have to like me because I’m not a Facebook page after all.
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