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Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of others.If you are already using whatsapp in your smart phones and Other Devices, you are well aware of the WhatsApp Status aren`t you ??:P And  are you Eagerly Searching for "WhatsApp Status Quotes" or "Best Wahtsapp Status" or "Cool status for Whatsapp",  Funny, Hillarious Whatsapp Status then you are at a right place here you get a Lot of Best Whatsapp Status Quotes Everto Share Among with your Friends.

  1. I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.
  2. Some nights I burn in the fire of my own thoughts.
  3. The higher you climb on love's ladder,the harder you fall.
  4. Is trying very hard to keep it all together, but has run out of string and super glue.
  5. God is really creative, i mean...just look at me.
  6. People say laughter is the best medicine. Your face must be curing the world.
  7. You can never lose if you keep trying.
  8. 80% of boys have girlfriends.. Rest 20% are having brain.
  9. Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.Top WhatsApp Status Quotes
  10. Life was much easier when APPLE and BLACKBERRY were just fruits.
  11. I’m not single, I’m just romantically challenged
  12. Life is like riding a bicycle….You have to KEEP moving in order to keep your balance.
  13. I do not have any attitude problem…..You have a problem with my attitude and that’s not my problem
  14. If you smile when no one is around, you really mean it :)
  15. I’m too shy at first but once I’m comfortable with you get ready for some crazy shit.
  16. Well I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.CLICK HERE FOR MOREBEST 
  18. When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long , no distance is too far, and no one can 
  19. ever tear them apart.
  20. They ask me what I see in you and I smile, look down and say nothing b’coz I don’t want them to fall 
  21. in love with you too.
  22. All the things that hurt you, actually teach you.
  23. I am currently focusing on what I have to gain rather than what I may have to lose.
  24. Remember, there are two words in life that will open a lot of doors for you. Push and Pull.
  25. Dear iPhone, Please stop changing my rude words into nice ones. You piece of shut.
  26. Time, you can't keep it, but you can spend it.
  27. i dont care if you talk about me behind my back because good or bad, my name is still in your mouth 
  28. ;-)
  29.  Every day is beautiful if you choose to see it.
  30. Virginity is like a soap bubble, one touch and it is gone.
  31. You are the dream I see every morning when I wake up.
  32. I’m born to express, not to impress.
  33. The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.
  34. Don’t tell me to change, I can’t perfect myself anymore.
  35. When you are scared of something, step into the unknown.
  36. I like to listen to sad music when I'm sad to make me double sad.
  37. Yeah you're really pretty, pretty stupid.
  38. Don’t check my status, look into my heart.
  39. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one 
  40. who can find such a man.
  41. Why worry about things you cannot change? Let go and move on, because LIFE isn’t waiting.
  42. Love your parents.We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.!!
  43. Life z best when ur best frnd supports u as a family... n' ur family understands u as a best frnd !!
  44. I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into tears.
  45. They ignore you untill they need you
  46. Sometimes It’s better to be alone…No one can hurt you.
  47. Sometimes you have to know when to stop hoping :-(
  48. Not all men are fools, Some stay bachelor.
  49. I dont want to be your whole life — Just your favorite part.
  50. Enjoy Life, there is plenty of time to be dead.
  51. Words don’t have the power to hurt you. Unless the person who said them means a lot to you.
  52. I wish i could move on as easy as you, But unlike you my feelings were true.
  53. Its hard to find a friend thats 96% funky 98% sexy and 100% sweet. SO don’t lose me!
  54. Stop saying I wish start saying I will.
  55.  Kill tension before tensions kill you, reach your goal before goal kicks you, live life before life leaves
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